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    [OFFICIAL] Forum Rules [IMPORTANT]



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    [OFFICIAL] Forum Rules [IMPORTANT]

    Post by Jen. on Fri Sep 18, 2015 11:51 am

    1. All posts made to a thread should be related to the thread. Talking about other things (off-topic) can be result that your post(s) gonna deleted.

    2. Spamming, racism, and flaming are not permitted. Please show respect to all posters of the forum. Respect the Netiquette!

    3. Links to pornography, warez, and illegal downloads are not permitted. Posting anything of the nature will result in a forum ban.

    4. Be sure to read the sticky posts in the forum before posting, mostly they are important!

    5. If a moderator removes any part of your signature (or one of your posts), respect the decision and do not re-add the removed material.

    6. Each user is limited to 1 account. All duplicate Accounts will be deleted, along with any posts made by them.

    7. All posts and topics must be in the english language. Any posts/topics which not in english will be deleted.

    8. The main body of all posts should be in white text, black background and with a reasonable sized font.

    9. Do not quote entire posts unless it is absolutely necessary to your reply. Quoting images is unnecessary and will earn you a warning from a moderator.

    10. You are not allowed to post in any complaint. Anyone who creates an player/admin complaint is still allowed to post in their thread only, and no one else.

    11. You are not allowed to have more than 3 images in your signature. Who doesn't respect this will be warned!

    12. Do not talk about hacks, cheats or mods which affect your gameplay here.

    13. Do not link to any other SA:MP related servers or forums. This includes the main SA:MP forum.

    14. Do not share any illegal software over these forums. This includes hacking software, cracked software, keygens, serial numbers, posting pictures you didn't make claiming they're yours etc. Not even over PM.

    15. The Forum/Server-Rules can be changed to any time, so make sure that you read this Rules always.

    16. Using full capsed sentences in topics or posts is not allowed.

    17. Orders from any of our Staff Members must be followed.


    Avatars should be maximal in 300x300 Pixel and 229 KBytes.

    Flash Colors in Avatars are not so popular, because it can make the forum unreadable.

    Avatars which not meet this requirements, can be from one of our staff members removed!


    Don't make your signatures to big, maximal 3 pictures in a signature!

    Signatures may NOT contain annoying GIF stuff like flashing colors all over them. This makes the forum unreadable.

    You are not allowed to make many flashy colors, quick flashing stuff in your signature, if you want a animated signature use a normal fade of 1 second.

    Signaturs which not meet this requirements, can be removed from one of our staff members.

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